How to Connect to Your Iced Out Server!

First step, please login to the client area to get your server information. This will include your server IP, username, and password. Second step, use a Remote Desktop App to connect to your server. – On Mac, an easy app to use is Microsoft Remote Desktop. – On Windows, all you need to do […]

How to Check Your Speed With Iced Out Servers!

Why does show that my network speed is only around ~2 Gbps? is not ideal for testing accurate speeds. The maximum speed your browser will allow up to is 2.5 Gbps. Instead you can use the Speedtest app! It is pre-installed on all Iced Out Servers by default! Why does the Speedtest app show that […]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between residential proxies and datacenter proxies ? Datacenter proxies are faster than residential proxies. They should be used for Shopify sites. Residential proxies work well on all websites (Adidas/Supreme/Nike/Footsites). Datacenter proxies have higher chances of getting banned so we only guarantee them for Shopify! When are proxies activated after I pay […]

How To Authenticate Your IP Using Residential Iced Out Proxies!

Why Do I  Have To Authenticate My IP? All residential proxies at IcedOutProxies are IP authenticated proxies, so you have to authenticate your IP in order to properly use them. With other proxy providers, you usually have your proxies authenticated before hand, but with IcedOutProxies, you can authenticate them yourself. This allows you to authenticate […]

How to test sneaker proxies on Chrome!

We will use the extension FoxyProxy of Chrome to test your sneaker proxies. It is very easy to test. Only takes 2 minutes! Step 1: You need to install extension “FoxyProxy” on your Chrome Browser – Open this link on Chrome – Click button “Add to Chrome” to install Step 2: Config FoxyProxy – […]