Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between residential proxies and datacenter proxies ?

Datacenter proxies are faster than residential proxies. They should be used for Shopify sites.

Residential proxies work well on all websites (Adidas/Supreme/Nike/Footsites).

Datacenter proxies have higher chances of getting banned so we only guarantee them for Shopify!

When are proxies activated after I pay for them?

Datacenter proxies are always activated instantly.

Residential proxies are activated on specific time each drop.

If your order is still pending, you can check activation time here

What is a port?

Example proxy


Port: 40004

What protocol do I use with my bot?

When you use IcedOutProxies, protocol is always http.

Can I test proxies using an online tester?

These types of testers will not work with ip authenticated proxies since the IP of the tester is not authenticated. You should use a bot or browser to test proxies.

What is the best tool to test proxies?

You should test proxies by your browser. Please follow our tutorial



Why are all my proxies¬†are banned or don’t work?

If you think your proxies are banned or don’t work, you need to check your authentication IP and re-authenticate. Most of the time “banned” proxies are due to the authentication IP being incorrect.