How To Authenticate Your IP Using Residential Iced Out Proxies!

Why Do I  Have To Authenticate My IP?
All residential proxies at IcedOutProxies are IP authenticated proxies, so you have to authenticate your IP in order to properly use them. With other proxy providers, you usually have your proxies authenticated before hand, but with IcedOutProxies, you can authenticate them yourself. This allows you to authenticate your proxies after creating your server or if you ever have to change internets!

How many IP(s) can I Authenticate?
We only allow 2 IP to be authenticated. If you have a special case where you need more than 2, please send us a ticket.

How Do I Authenticate My IP?
– Login to the client area at

– Go to Menu Services -> My Services, and then click on Active in the left menu. Then choose the order you would like to authenticate!

– Click Manage Proxy in the left menu. Proxies are hided now. To see proxies, you have to add Authentication IP. Click Add button

*** Case 1: If you want to authenticate current computer/server ip, just choose “Current computer/server”. Our system will detect your ip automatically. Click Add button to complete.

*** Case 2: If you want to authenticate other computer/server ip, choose “Other computer/server”. Then enter your that computer/server ip to the box. Click Add to complete

– You can now see your proxies. Just use them.

To make sure your proxies work well, please follow this article to test proxies on chrome here