How to test sneaker proxies on Chrome!

We will use the extension FoxyProxy of Chrome to test your sneaker proxies. It is very easy to test. Only takes 2 minutes!

Step 1: You need to install extension “FoxyProxy” on your Chrome Browser

– Open this link on Chrome

Chrome FoxyProxy

– Click button “Add to Chrome” to install

Step 2: Config FoxyProxy

– After installing FoxyProxy, click FoxyProxy icon on top right corner of Chrome, and then click Options

Chrome FoxyProxy 2

– Click button Add New Proxy

Chrome FoxyProxy 3

– We assume that we want to test proxy , one of residential sneaker proxies from IcedOutProxies.
– Host or IP Address:
– Port: 40001
– Click Save (note that no username and password authentication is needed)

Step 3: Now you can test if your proxy is working or not

– Click FoxyProxy icon in the top right corner of Chrome

– Choose proxy you have just added

Chrome FoxyProxy 4

– Browse and view your real proxy IP

Chrome FoxyProxy 5

– Your new real ip is

– If you are testing Residential Proxies, real ip ( is not same as proxy ip (

– You can also browse sites such as Adidas, Supreme, etc. to see that they are not banned!

If your sneaker proxies do not work, maybe you authenticated wrong ip. See how to authenticate ip here