How to test sneaker proxies on Firefox

We will use the add on FoxyProxy in Firefox to test your sneaker proxies. It is very easy to test. Only takes 2 minutes!

Step 1: You need to install add on “FoxyProxy” in your Firefox Browser

– Open this link in Firefox

Firefox FoxyProxy

– Click button “Add to Firefox” to intall

Step 2: Config FoxyProxy

– After installing FoxyProxy, click FoxyProxy icon on top right corner of Firefox, and then click Options

Firefox FoxyProxy 2

– Click button Add to add your proxy

Firefox FoxyProxy 3

– We assume that we want to test proxy , a residential sneaker proxy from IcedOutProxies.

. Proxy type: Choose HTTP
. Title or Description: Any name you want
. IP address, DNS name, server name:
. Port: 40001

– Click Save (note that no username and password authentication is needed)

Step 3: Now you can test your proxy to see if it’s working or not

– Click FoxyProxy icon on top right corner of Firefox

– Choose the Proxy you have just added

Firefox FoxyProxy 4

– Browse and view your real proxy IP

Firefox FoxyProxy 5

– Your new real ip is

– If you are testing Residential Proxies, real ip ( is not same as proxy ip (

– You can also browse sites such as Adidas, Supreme, etc.

If your sneaker proxies do not work, maybe you authenticated wrong ip. See how to authenticate ip here